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News Published 21. 4. 2014
Club show of Czech funk band J.A.R. already on Thursday!
Legendary Czech rap/funk band celebrates 25th anniversary this year. More information about ticket presale HERE
News / REGGAE Published 21.4.2014

Dub Inc will arrive with new album Paradise

dub_inc_On the 8th of May we are celebrating the end of the Second World War with Dub Inc and their new album PARADISE. The album is already playing in many playlist in whole Europe. Dub Inc, active already since 1997, shows once again, that they belong to the first league of the reggae scene. Also on this album they sing in French, English, and Arabic and also the influences are reaching from roots riddims to oriental and African rhythms.  Not only that their live performances are so energetic, but also the lyrics go deep down into the real world of social injustice. For the album Dub Inc invited many special guests, e.g. Skarra Mucci, Jah Mason, Alif Naaba and Meta Dia. More

News / WORLD MUSIC Published 16.4.2014

Cuban all stars coming on May 15th

juan_170x170To all funs of world music! On the 15th of May is coming a big star, Juan De Marcos Gonzalez! He is a big star in the Cuban music scene and he is presenting to us the prosperity and vitality of Cuban music. He worked with bands like Afro-Cuban All Stars, Buena Vista Social Club and Sierra Maestra and also with artists like Rubenem Gonzalezem and Ibrahimem Ferrerem, who helped to promote this amazing music around the world. More

News / KREST ALBA Published 16.4.2014

Android Asteroid: intergalactic release party next Wendesday

AA_170x170The Czech band Android Asteroid just recorded their first album in the London Abbey Road Studios. The release party for “LIVE” will be on the 23rd of April in the LMB. The band worked together with rapper and producer Jan Pospíšil and drummer Tomáš Konůpek and other great Czech artists, such as Annamária d’Almeida (vocals), Marta Minárik (bas), Viliam Béreš (keyboard), Lukáš Martinek (guitar), Miloš Dvořáček (drumms) a Jan Steindorfer (synthesizer). Special features on the album are Yarah Bravo and DJ Vadim. More

News / PUNK ROCK Published 14.4.2014

Swedish INVSN support for Against Me!

invsn_170x170INVSN is the product of local subcultures, a mix of hardcore and punk and a history of rock’n’roll. This band released many albums in Swedish under the name Invasion, before they decided to do the debut album in English. With the name also their music changed – to the punk they added a dash of pop. INVSN are inspired by bands such as Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Sound, The Cure and modern bands like The XX and Soft Moon. They produce an unique sound, the members of the band played before with Refused, The (international) Noise Conspiracy and D.S.-13. The album was recorded in Stockholm at the Ingrid Studios, mixed by the British producer Nick Launy, who work with Public Image Ltd., Nick Cave, Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Church. More

News / ALTERNATIVE ROCK Published 11.4.2014

Support band of Primal Scream back in Prague soon

little_barrie_170x170Little Barrie have been growing up in the shadows for 15 years now. Slowly honing their sound and crafting their art. Avoiding hype and surviving fashion and its whimsical dalliances. It’s what great bands do. Few bands make it past the first album and many more never make it that far. It is a testament to the three players involved – Guitarist and vocalist, Barrie Cadogan, Bassist Lewis Wharton and drummer extraordinaire, Virgil Howe – that as a band they are about to release their strongest album to date. Aptly named “Shadow” Little Barrie are about to unleash a musical statement that will undoubtedly fire them into the light.


News / EXCELENT JUKEBOX Published 10.4.2014

Aaron Bruno of Awolnation would like a rendez-vous with Rain Man

awolnation_170x170The American YouTube champion, singer Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION revealed in a recent interview that if he was to choose one of Dustin Hoffmann’s legendary roles – Rain Man or Tootsie – he’d pick the former for a rendez-vous! Will Aaron Bruno bring some more funny statements together with his music to Prague? Prague will see him perform together with his band AWOLNATION on June 11 at Lucerna Music Bar during the course of Excelent Jukebox concert series. The tickets are available via Ticketpro network or at Lucerna Music Bar box-office or website. The music of LA-based AWOLNATION is like an eternal blend of all possible genres – rock, punk, hip hop as well as synth-pop. More

News / KREST ALBA Published 8.4.2014

Ondřej Brzobohatý will present new solo album

OB-170x170Ondřej Brzobohatý is presenting his first solo album on the 12th of May in Lucerna Music Bar. On the album are going to be not only old but also very new songs, all written by myself and inspired by my life. There will be a lot of jazz, pop, funk and soul, so everything what I like.”, he says. The concert is part of the Spring Tour 2014 and also the release party for his very new album Identity. He also invited very special guests: Libor Bouček, Tereza Černochova and Tomáš Koudelka. Accompanying is the band in constellation of : Ondřej Fišer – guitar, Matouš Kobylka – saxophone, Tomáš Kozelka – drums and Jaroslav Pokorný – bass guitar. The first single of the album is “And The Oscar Goes To” More

News / RAW BOOMBOX Published 7.4.2014

Golden Big Daddy Kane at Raw Boombox

BDK_170x170Attention to all the hip hop fans: another great artist is coming to the LMB, presented by Raw Boombox: be ready on the 13th of May for Big Daddy Kane! The Grammy Award winning rapper started his career in 1986 as a member of the rap group the Juice Crew. He is widely considered to be one of the most influential and skilled MCs in hip hop. Rolling Stone magazine ranked his song “Ain’t No Half-Steppin’” #25 on its list of The 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time, calling him “a master wordsmith of rap’s late-golden age and a huge influence on a generation of MCs.” They added, More

News / PARTY HARD Published 2.4.2014

British band Dub Pistols coming on April 16h

dub_pistols_170x170The British band Dub Pistols are coming on the 16th of April to the LMB in Prague! Festival favourites and party-rockers, the Dub Pistols – led by main man Barry Ashworth – are a national treasure. The London-based ska-dub- punk-hoppers have been active for 15 years, causing dancefloor uproar wherever they go, and head into 2014 with their sixth album ‘White Lines’ ready to go. The Dub Pistols formed in the mid-90s out of the chaos and energy erupting from the Heavenly Social-spawned big beat scene. Barry Ashworth had been in indie-dance outfit Deja Vu, who scored with their cover of the Woodentops’ ‘Why Why Why’, and initially hooked up with Jason O’Bryan More