Why is Riff Raff total weirdo, whose show can’t be missed?

[Event date: 29. 5. 20:00

1. He wanted to become a professional wrestler.
Last year, Riff Raff has decided to start with doing fitness and because he is an American, he loves wrestling. The game with almost no rules, where you can drag the chair around other guy’s head and then bite him, just for sure. And because Riff Raff wants to be great, he has hired a wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan to train him. We hope Riff Raff will not destroy our backstage, but no doubt the show will be a huge smash!

2. He doesn’t care about music genres.
His music jumps from hip hop to rock or EDM, but it’s always primarily great rap. Riff Raff will hit Lucerna Music Bar armed with last year’s album Peach Panther and also with Aquaberry Aquarius, which is a mixtape released in January and hosted by Wiz Khalifa, for examle. And this is how it sounds like when he and Diplo grab a guitar.

3. He has a lot of tattoo and loves neon colours.
As well as an opulent luxury, glittering kitsch and the Versace brand – he has even written the track called Versace Python for his debut album Neon Icon. Riff Raff looks like from a different planet, not only because of his extravagant hairstyles and clothes, but also thanks to his tattoos. He has got the basketball league NBA logo on his body or the giant coloured MTV logo on his neck. Also Bart Simpson and his dog Jody Husky is tattooed on Riff Raff’s skin. Let’s make outstandingly boiling dance floor and maybe he’ll got the tattoo of Prague!

4. Apart from music, he’s also a filmmaker.

Together with the release of second studio album Peach Panther, Riff Raff also announced preparations for the same named movie, which should be out this autumn and in which Riff Raff aka Jody HighRoller plays the lead role. The poetics of the movie featured videoclips for the tracks Carlos Slim, 4 MiLLiON and Mercedes.

5. Hi will perform in Czech Republic for the first time.

The show on May 29 in Lucerna Music Bar will be his Czech premiere.

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