Boombox on the Beat Box: Jeremy Ellis / US, support: Roxtar + DJ Friky

Date 28.03.2018
Doors 20:00
Start 21:00
Presale Lucerna Music Bar box office390Price on doors450PresalesLucerna Music Bar box office and website, GoOut.cz, Ticketpro, Ticketportal

Rap is like a tribal fit. A zone. Tropical madness. Primitive energy. Curt and plain like six billion days. There’s no time for curls. It has to be straight forward, needs to have a point and it’s got to be tight! The music of musical analphabets who touch anything that comes to their hands on their intuitive way to a perfect beat. They are looking for a way how to make the most out of very little. A drum goes boom, crack… and then there’s Jeremy Ellis. You need to be warned he already looks like a madman. He looks like it because he is. Lean out of your window and scream your lungs out.

This guy moves his fingers on the beat machine like a daddy longlegs. Man vs. Maschine. Finger drumming, finger banging, knocking on heaven’s door… call it whatever you want. But if you had a feeling that Aarab Music or Exile are far, Jeremy Ellis is around the corner. If your favourite music is not on the “artistic” level, Jeremy Ellis will sound pleasant to your ears. Tshi guy who gigs with The Roots is a true virtuoso.

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