Cocotte Minute + Pio Squad

Date 01.03.2018
Doors 19:00
Start 20:00
Presale Lucerna Music Bar box office280Price on doors350PresalesLucerna Music Bar box office and website, GoOut.cz, Ticketpro, Ticketportal

The most extraordinary Czech icons or their genres are setting up one great tour together. After last year’s tour, which was the most successful so far and culminated in sold-out Lucerna Music Bar, Cocotte Minute have come up with another great concept. Although it may seem that they don’t have much in common with Pio Squad, It’s quite the opposite. The wild, free and unchained 90’s defined their approach to life, to music and formed views of their genres in which each band manoeuvres with ease.

Both bands’ first records were released at the beginning of the millennium and both were essential for the corresponding genre and both bands have recently had a stunning resurrection. Cocotte Minute amazed their fans and critics when they came back with Rituál in 2015, which was the first Czech video album done live and on one take. Pio Squad excelled in 2016 with deep and delicate Stromy v bouři for which they received their second Anděl award.

“It is already clear to us now that this will be a legendary tour. We are secretly learning Pio songs because we aim to squat ourselves into their show. It’s real fun,” says Zeller about the concept of their double bill.

“…and of course there is a common hit song that we composed just for this tour. When musical directors from Evropa 2 hear this they will jump off a cliff,” adds the eccentric frontman of Cocotte Minute.

“I look forward to this combo. Cocotts don’t have a slightest clue that I tame my electric guitar in such way that it will blow their moustaches away when they hear the riffs. Add one more guitar amp and it will kill you :-)” says Eurodel aka Dreaddy Krueger.

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