Facing Giants Boombox: AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) / FR US

Date 05.04.2018
Doors 20:00
Start 21:00
Presale Lucerna Music Bar box office550Price on doors650PresalesLucerna Music Bar box office and website, GoOut.cz, Ticketpro, Ticketportal

Line up:
20 doors
20 DJ Pufaz
22 AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros)
after DJ Pufaz

Why there are three names in the title? What do they have in common? Do we need to help ourselves by comparing? What connects these three projects? What’s their common denominator? 20syl… a musical genius from France who’s got something new again, something fresh, something that’s somewhere else and further than what he did with the hip-hop ensemble Hocus Pocus, DJ formation of the world champions C2C. After two solo EP’s, he’s now serving electronic rap with Mr. J. Medeiros from The Procussions – AllttA and on 5th April he’s going to deliver it to you in Lucerna Music Bar, right under your nose.

What can be said about this guy from Nantes, whose name is spelled 20syl and pronounced Vasyl? That he’s a genius? That what comes in his hands turns into gold? That he raps? That he produces? That he scratches and DJs? That he is a multi-instrumentalist? That he beatboxes, does the graphics, maps the videos and all that in a world class manner? He is more that a multi-talented guy. His larger than life statue should be erected when he is still alive so we could bow before his talent that is still developing and moving forward.

His new thing is more electronic than it used to be. On one hand it’s less glamorous and more modest but on the other it kicks much more than before. It’s multi-cultural. It’s and audio-visual show. It’s an electronic rap. It’s colourful music. It’s going to lighten us up in Lucerna Music Bar on 5th April.

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