Mr. Musical Horror 2018

Date 03.06.2018
Doors 17:30
Start 18:00

This one will beat you hollow. Sit in your seat and close your eyes, a bloody show is about to start! Enter Dracula, Mordred, Sweeney Todd, Count von Krolock, Jekyll & Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera and others that will leave you breathless. The musical Mr. Horror is here and it’s proper.

This newest musical concert won’t be only scary. To ease it a little, Radim Schwab will play some romantic songs from his most recent album Grazioso with amazing Jitka Molavcová and Lucie Černíková as guests.

You’re up for a spectacular show full of music and dancing, for something to remember.

Tickets from 399 Kč are for sale on www.radimschwab.cz.

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