Poletíme? – SOLD OUT

Date 04.10.2018
Doors 20:00
Start 21:00

The album release party of a popular turbo chanson band Poletíme? is going to be one to be remembered. This band’s concerts are packed nationwide as they are slowly and steady heading to the top of the Czech music scene. They sold out Fléda club in Brno twice last year. This year’s concert in Palác Akropolis was also full as well as every concert in Prague last year.

In summer of 2017 they toured as a guest with Divoký Bill where they were very popular. In short, Poletíme? are having a good run and there is little to be surprised by as they can talk about complicated and sad things in a light manner bringing colourful moods and uptempo rhythms to their concerts making the audience dance. You too will laugh, crow and dance and you will have goosebumps when they call out your own troubles.

Their lyrics are witty, poetic and straightforward. You won’t get bored if only for the band’s unorthodox instrumentation which serves equally for punk as well as jazz. They will bring the house down no matter if it’s a small club or a huge festival stage.

A charismatic artist Rudolf Brančovský is the leader, singer, lyricist and the key character of the band. His untrained voice holds its place on the stage in the same way as an old captain stands on a deck of an ancient ship determined to circumnavigate the World. His crew are seven sea dogs that know exactly what to for the crazy sail to end up well. Despite the fact that boats sail on water there guys will never give up their hopes to one day make their ship fly.

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