Czech band UDG continues successfull Emotikon tour

[ 3. 1. 17:27
UDG is an unique Czech band. Last year they released their 5th studio album Emotikon. On their traditional Christmas tour were all the shows sold …
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Electronic project Tosca with new album in March

[ 16. 12. 14:50
Electronic project Tosca (Richard Dorfmeister & Rupert Huber) will present the new album Going Going Going at the Lucerna Music Bar on March …
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N.O.H.A. will have an album release party in February

[ 15. 12. 18:08
An international band N.O.H.A. is characterized by energy loaded grooves and its open genre mixture of drum & bass and world music in a …
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Slovak rock band Horkýže Slíže will celebrate 25th anniversary in March

[ 15. 12. 15:45
The Slovakian rock band Horkýže Slíže is in 2017 celebrating the 25th anniversary of their existence. With their performances in Czech Republic …
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American metal band Deafheaven will arrive in May

[ 9. 12. 12:00
Formed in 2010 by singer George Clarke and guitar player Kerry McCovey in San Francisco, California, the band has released two studio albums on …
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Grammy Award winner Thundercat will come to Prague in April

[ 7. 12. 11:40
The virtuosic American bass player, singer and composer Thundercat is coming in spring to the Czech Republic! The Grammy winner is performing …
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Amy Macdonald will come with new album Under Stars in March

[ 28. 11. 12:46
Amy Macdonald is releasing a brand new album Under Stars, which will be released 17th of February 2017 on Virgin/EMI – it is her first studio …
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Jamaican sensation for the 1st time in the Czech Republic

[ 25. 11. 07:15
The series of great reggae music is not over yet! After great shows of Gyptian and the king of Italian reggae Alborosie you can look forward to …
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Xavier Baumaxa will play solo show in December

[ 15. 11. 22:07
The Czech singer/songwriter Xavier Baumaxa is after a long time performing solo on the stage of the Lucerna Music Bar. Don’t miss this great …
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Polemic prepared special program with guests for Tuesday

[ 10. 11. 17:33
On Tuesday, 15th of November, is the popular Slovakian band Polemic coming back to Prague. For their show in the Lucerna Music Bar they prepared …
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Shining star of contemporary rap A-F-R-O live in Prague in November

[ 9. 11. 14:55
A-F-R-O & Marco Polo is the best hip hop, you can get right now. Come on the 14th of November and see for yourself, what thousands of people …
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Nouvelle Prague Award Venue of the Year goes to Lucerna Music Bar

[ 7. 11. 18:06
Lucerna Music Bar was awarded as “Venue of the year” at music conference Nouvelle Prague. It’s a great honor for us! Nouvelle …
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Reggae star Alborosie will come back to Prague after 6 years

[ 31. 10. 14:16
Reggae fans – attention!! This autumn will be hot! On the 29th of September is the Jamaican Gyptian performing, on the 3rd of November the …
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Australian The Cat Empire for the 2nd time in the Czech Republic

[ 24. 10. 16:00
The band The Cat Empire from Melbourne is coming for the second time to Prague. The first time was during the New Wave Prague project and was a …
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Just Dance Night with Mydy Rabycad already tonight!

[ 24. 10. 09:16
The Czech band Mydy Rabycad is inviting to a great concert on the 24th of October to the Lucerna Music Bar. The show “Just Dance Night” is going …
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Gathering Of Drummers already on Sunday

[ 18. 10. 16:56
The Gathering of Drummers is this year celebrating their 15th anniversary. Prague is expecting the drummers on the 23rd of October in the Lucerna …
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Czech pop-rock band Mňága a Žďorp will play 2 shows in December

[ 17. 10. 23:16
In December is the Czech band Mňága a Žďorp having two great concerts in the Lucerna Music Bar – on the 18th and 19th of December. They will be …
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Florida rapper Astronautalis will come with new album in February

[ 13. 10. 18:20
For the third time is the American rapper Astronautalis coming to the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague. The first two concerts ended in crazy …
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Come dance to the rhythm of ska and reggae with Polemic

[ 10. 10. 21:20
The Slovakian band Polemic is already on stage for 27 years and played and gained fans not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in …
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Australian The Temper Trap will present new album Thick As Thieves

[ 10. 10. 13:14
More than a million albums sold, more than 150 million streams on Spotify, a number one album in your homeland, arena support tours with Coldplay …
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New Zealand The Naked and Famous will play 1st club show in the Czech Republic

[ 10. 10. 12:53
New Zealand’s band The Naked and Famous, which played 2014 at Rock For People in the Czech Republic, are coming back on the 1st of February to …
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American rockers Helmet will come with new album in January

[ 5. 10. 14:45
It is incredibly exciting to announce that the American rock band Helmet is releasing a new album Dead To The World — the first new Helmet album …
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Prago Union and Champion Sound for the last time together in November

[ 5. 10. 10:46
Bad news: the best Czech hip hop band Prago Union + Champion Sound are for the last time standing together on this stage. And that, after they …
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The Dandy Warhols will come back to Prague with new album in February

[ 4. 10. 13:18
On the 22nd of February 2017 is the American Band The Dandy Warhols coming back to Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar. They travelled the world, released …
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Legendary Asian Dub Foundation will come in November

[ 28. 9. 19:34
The British dance legend in mixing drum’n’bass, dub and other electro styles with traditional rhythms are coming back! After the big success at …
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Chinaski will play 3 shows at Lucerna Music Bar in December

[ 26. 9. 16:10
With their traditional club concerts is the Czech band Chinaski saying good-bye for a year. They will be back on stage in autumn 2017. During …
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Czech singer-songwriter Xindl X will have two shows with new album next year

[ 20. 9. 11:07
The Czech singer songwriter Xindl X is going in spring on tour with the new album “Kvadratura záchranného kruhu”. In the Lucerna Music Bar they …
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Slim Cessna’s Auto Club already on Thursday!

[ 19. 9. 12:39
On Thursday September 22nd Slim Cessna’s Auto Club comes back after two years to Lucerna Music Bar. It has been twenty-four years since …
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Project Gathering Of Drummers will celebrate 15th Anniversary

[ 16. 9. 12:10
The Gathering of Drummers are this year celebrating their 15th anniversary. You will see Pavel Fajta, Pavel Koudelek, Miloš Vacík, Tomáš Reindl …
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American soul-house trio Tortured Soul will hit Lucerna Music Bar on Sunday

[ 13. 9. 12:51
American trio Tortured Soul is combining soul with house beats are they are coming back to Prague’s Lucerna Music Bar on the 18th of September. …
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Young Czech band Mydy Rabycad back in clubs in October

[ 13. 9. 09:45
The young and energetic Czech band Mydy Rabycad played many concerts and festivals this summer. Now they are coming back into the clubs again …
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British singer and songwriter James Harries has a new videoclip

[ 13. 9. 08:37
After the first successful single Salvation from the last album, British singer / songwriter James Harries is coming with a new video clip to the …
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